Clongowes Wood College

Clongowes Wood College

Clongowes Wood College collaborated with Brian Dunlop Architects on the design and build of a new type of learning space and largest of its kind in Ireland. The co-operative and collective space was designed to encourage group learning, creative thinking and foster positive learning experiences for the students.

Breaking away from the traditional teacher-led approach, where rows of pupils sit silently facing the front, this new space was somewhere students could be noisy, move around and learn together. Origin’s Lotus Cantilever chair was specified through Spaceoasis for the project, chosen to for its functional role as stackable classroom chair, that also helped bring a sense of freedom, fluidity and movement to the space.

Origin’s poly products are made in the UK from over 50% recycled content, in a more sustainable approach to design.

Lotus Cantilever

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