Origin is a family run British company who design and manufacture contemporary furniture products for use within education, workplace, healthcare and hospitality environments.

We strive to make good design available to everyone, that's why we design quality products that both meet the demands of some of the biggest brands in the world, yet are accessible to someone starting their first cafe.

Our products are manufactured, stocked and assembled in Great Britain providing our customers with high quality products that can be easily customised and delivered within short time frames.


Diversity in clientele is something we are proud of as a company. Our customers range from small startups to multinational corporations, with projects spanning from schools in Kenya to theme parks in New York, universities in Oxford to co-working spaces in London. Whether big or small we are always happy to deliver on our promise to supply well designed, ergonomic and affordable furniture within short time frames.


Combining our passion for clean design aesthetics with innovations in modern production techniques to create a range of sophisticated products that are simple, useful and that reach a wide audience.

We believe there is always a way to improve a product, whether it’s aesthetic, function, economy or sustainably and this is why a designer’s work is never done. It’s this pursuit of perfection that gets us out of bed in the morning and even sometimes in the middle of the night.


Product longevity is fundamental to our ambition to build an ever more sustainable furniture company. In order to increase a product’s lifespan we concentrate on 3 core aspects in its design.

- Avoid being influenced by trends that could easily be out of favour in years to come.

- Be durable and designed to withstand stringent EU and US testing standards.

- Disassemble into its constituent parts so they can be easily replaced and ultimately recycled.


We recognise the need to respond to different levels of comfort and materiality in the contract furniture market, which is why we are designing our chairs to be ever more modular and materially flexible.

We have also invested in the latest digital product customising software providing our customers the ability to visualise thousands of different colour and material combinations, adapting our products to suit any interior environment or specification.