ARC Club Camberwell & Homerton ▶

ARC Club Camberwell and Homerton are London’s latest co-working spaces, designed specifically for people wanting to escape working from home.

Architect Caro Lundin designed the space with a less-is-more approach, focussed on creating fuss-free interiors that were both starkly beautiful and easy to maintain.

Flux Task Swiss Chairs were specified through Hill Cross Furniture for the project, chosen for their functional role as task chairs with a clean design and comfortable seat shape.

Flux Task Swiss

The interiors have been fitted with a selection of low-cost and durable materials that reflected a climate where co-working is “a necessity and not a nice-to-have”.

Lundin asked herself ‘what do people need to work? A comfortable seat, natural light, thoughtful acoustics; the physical and emotional space in which to think’.

Lundin believes that Functional spaces don’t have to be boring, instead opting for ‘a neutral space that enables the people who visit it to be their best professional selves’.

Designing a modest space with reduced setup costs meant that membership would be cheaper for those interested in working at ARC Club.

Caro Lundin / Architect

ARC Club Homerton

Origin’s poly products are made in the UK from over 50% recycled content and are entirely made from polypropylene so can be easily recycled in a more sustainable approach.

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