Designed by Aspekt Office, Module is an easy to assemble shelving system with a unique striped design. Each of the Modules slot together, creating a stage on which to store and present life’s treasures. The minimalist shelving units stack up to 5 high, are available with casters or glides and come in 3 colours as standard. The collections versatility makes it suitable for a variety of storage and display uses in both public and private settings.

Module brings a refreshing simplicity to the often complicated shelving market. A single unit modular design with no screws, bolts or complexity. The Modules are handheld making them easy to disassemble and re-stack to build and move large shelving structures. A full stack of 5 shelves takes only 2 minutes to assemble, more or less the time it takes to make a cup of tea.


Origin partnered with Aspekt Office to develop the shelving range, brought together through a shared appreciation for minimal design. The Copenhagen-based design studio of Hans Toft Hornemann and Terkel Skou Steffensen combine aesthetic simplicity with high functionality, evident in Modules sharp design and expressive utility.

‘Many different design routes were explored, it is hard to believe we ended with such a simple solution to show for it.’ Terkel explained that is often the case with the projects they work on, from their interiors to furniture and creative direction there is real thread of simplicity, something that from the outside looks easy to achieve but in reality is often quite the opposite.