Ratio aims to reduce an outdoor steel chair to its most fundamental parts, making each curve and every bend accountable.


Giles Pearson – Designer

The brief was to simplify the manufacturing process and the aesthetic of an outdoor seating range. With the aim to design something that would compliment our existing steel product collections and provide a more cost-effective option.

At the heart of the design is a circular, concave form punched from a single sheet of steel, a manufacturing process crucial to the structural integrity of the design. The wall section around the seat adds great strength to the frame and is key to the products visual lightness.

Ratio’s simplicity is rooted in a monolinear approach, the thickness of the seat matching that of the tube, making all vertical and horizontal forms the same visual weight. Appearing as though an illustration of a chair drawn with simple stokes of a marker pen.

Ratio is the continuation of a journey in the reduction of design in furniture. Taking away all non-essential parts of a chair, whilst maintaining the most amount of comfort and aesthetic value. This exercise forces you to be economical with forms, concentrating the mind on only the essential aspects of a product.

The result is a sculptural product with the least amount of ‘design’ we have ever included in a chair. Most of the backrest is just air, which really opens up the space around it. To me the products are reminiscent of Japanese lettering, expressing the same curvature and elegance. I think if I saw Ratio in a Sushi bar in Soho for instance, I would have achieved what I set out with the design.

The aim with Ratio (as with all our steel collections) was to maintain the sole use of steel throughout the product range. Providing material continuity between tables and chairs, ensuring a consistent aesthetic, durability and colour options.

Mono-materiality is something we are focussing more on at Origin, as products that are made from singular materials are more easily recycled at the end of their usable life. Steel is the most recycled material in the world, it can easily be melted down and formed into new steel products in a more circular approach.