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We recognise the importance of moving to more sustainable methods of manufacture and procurement. That’s why we’ve recently increased the use of recycled PP in our poly chairs; a step which is part of our ambition to build an ever more sustainable furniture company and become part of the circular economy.

50% of the polymer used in all Origin’s chairs is now made from recycled content and to bring the same rigid and durable product we use prime glass to reinforce the chair. The new compound material has been optimised to maintain the same aesthetic appeal and durable qualities, but now shipped with a more environmentally friendly footprint.

Post-industrial recycled PP is obtained from both products that did not make it onto the shelves due to quality issues, and industrial waste produced from the manufacturing process. Instead of this waste going straight to landfill, it is ground up, remixed and up-cycled into Origin’s products.

Recycling PP not only keeps plastic from going to landfill but also uses 88% less energy than making plastic from raw materials. This shift to more sustainable practices has really excited us about the future and what’s possible with material and technological advancements.



It’s always been our ambition to make chairs from recycled materials. The challenge has been to ensure we can ship the same standard of product without busting the budget. After years of persistence and (many!) a failed trial, I’m happy we’ve not only got a winning formula but can ship for the same price.

I know it sounds cliché but we want sustainability to be part of our journey and not the destination. We want to continue testing new materials and technologies as they become available to help close more loops and increase our ranges environmental performance. As current technologies make our previous ambitions a reality, so to we hope future advancements in tech will allow us to continue on the path of creating a more sustainable company, industry and ultimately planet.

Giles Pearson – Design Director


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