Graphic Design and Origin

A reductionist approach has been applied to The Graphic Collection, in a combination of simple geometric shapes cut from steel.


Giles Pearson – Designer

The Graphic collection consists of a broad range of stools, benches and tables entirely made from steel. The design heroes an ultra thin top made possible through a robust frame construction. Each of the products have been reduced to the essential shapes required, bringing abstract form and colour to both indoor and outdoor settings.

With Graphic our aim was to design a collection of furniture with an understated presence, that didn’t dominate a space but instilled a sense of confidence to the surroundings. The abstract shapes that make up the collection compliment green spaces, allowing plants to take centre stage.

The growing demand for outdoor spaces (forced by the pandemic), has opened our eyes to the beauty and opportunity of this often overlooked space. Nature and Plants work on a subliminal level to improve our mood and overall happiness, making us feel more peaceful in our day to day life.

Below images from Kampus Manchester Project – Find out more?

A table with stools or benches around it is a social space, a place to come together and collaborate. Creativity and spontaneous inspiration only happens when people are able to come together. We like to think of Graphic as a contemporary platform to host conversation, meetings, food and drinks, whether that be in a work or social context. Whilst the collection was designed specifically for the outdoors it works equally as well indoors, in cafeterias and break out areas.

Mono-materiality is something we are focussing more on at Origin, as products that are made from singular materials are more easily recycled at the end of their usable life. The Graphic Collection is made entirely from steel (50% recycled content) and where added comfort is required we have developed easy fix and removable seat pads, that are waterproof and can be reversed for an extra long life.

Graphic is another expression of the core design values we are developing in the portfolio we’re building at Origin. A well designed product for me is something that has been worked on and tested over a period of time. With every iteration refining the product to its simplest form, whilst maintaining the most characterful expression of that idea.

Searching for the beauty that exists in simplicity however, isn’t always as easy as it appears. As something so simple and effortless on the outside in contrast often requires a lot of development and refinement to reach the most elegant solution.

Giles Pearson – Designer